Trattoria Pomo D'Oro - Traditional Luxury Italian Restaurant - Budapest Center, Hungary

1051 Budapest, Arany János u. 9.

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The Story of Pomo D'oro

The tomato used to be considered an aphrodisiac, with a mysterious, turn-on effect. This explains why alchemists in the 16 th and 17th centuries used in philtres and curative apotions. Maybe this helps to understand those foreign words, which indicate that this plant came from the New World: love apple in English, pomme d'amour in French... See more»

Greetings from Gianni

In the last couple of years my dream was to create a small Italy in the heart of Budapest, with Italian tastes, chefs and an always friendly crew. And now after 7 years experiement and hard work, instead of sitting relaxed in my armchair, having a lot of dreams, and good ideas about the future of the restaurant. See more »

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1051 Budapest, Arany János str. 9.
Reservation: (+36-1) 302-64-73
Openning time: every day 12h-24h

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Address: 1051 Budapest, Arany János u. 9.
Reservation: (+36-1) 302-64-73
Open hours: every day 12h-24h